Alanna Desiccated Coconut with Saffron Body and Face Scrub

Review time ..!!


20gm: ₹340

50gm: ₹850


Skin type: suits all skin type.


How to use:

Take small amount of scrub on hand and massage it gently on wet face for about 5mins and wash off with lukewarm water.


My experience with the product:

The product does smell like coconut and saffron.

It is very gentle on skin.

Once i apply it on my face it melts on skins and gently exfoliates it. At the same time it moisturises skin.

This scrub instantly brightens up my skin and makes it feel baby soft and Irresistible to not touch 😋


It is the best scrub i have ever tried.

Will definitely try more products from @alanna_naturally_beautiful

Its my new found love ❤️


Buy or not..??

I know it is quite pricey but believe me it’s worth every single penny spent on it 👍🏻


Toning Elixir by Elixir Shop

Review time..!!
Price : ₹400 for 100ml

Skin type: All skin type.

My skin type: oily and pimple prone


Lavender hydrosol, Geranium, Rose hydrosol, Witchhazel hydrosol, Chamomile Hydrosol, Witchazzel Oil, and Lavender Oil.

*No parabens, no sls.

Company claims:

A gentle formula blended specially for sensitive acne prone skin, it has natural clarifying, firming, anti-acne, hydrating, and soothing properties. It also gently balances the skin, reducing oil production in oily skin and hydrating dry skin, giving you a healthy skin tone and clear skin.

How to use:

Apply this toning elixir using a cotton pad on clean face. Wait for 1 minute before using other product.

My experience with the product:

I have been using it twice a day for last 15 days.

It smells like lavender which is amazing.

I use to apply it on my face using cotton pad after bathing in morning and before sleeping in night followed by my regular face cream.


I must say it proved to be “ELIXIR” for my skin as i really have bad open pores, and it helped in reducing pore size noticeably in 15 days only.

I must add that it will not do any overnight magic to you but gradually with regular use it will definitely give you results.

I am loving it..!!

And it is made in INDIA 🇮🇳

Buy or Not..!! It worked pretty well for my skin and price wise also it’s pretty affordable so you must give it a try, u’ll love it.

Bella Voste Gel Eyeliner

Review time..!!

Price: ₹399 for 1.2gms

Shades available: 04 

      Black, Brown, Grey, Blue

Company claims: Smudge-proof and long-lasting, Bella Voste’s unique gel-based formula is versatile and easy to apply. Bella-voste’s gel eyeliner dries quickly to deliver an intense and rich finish that will add glamour to your eyes.




5.Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. 

*claimed by company.

My experience:

As soon as i opened it to apply I was very disappointed 😔 to see that it is not a retractable pencil you need to sharpen it which means wastage of product. .

But the application was very smooth, pigmentation is very good so i was like ok workable 😊

Buuuttt…. when we talk about its texture its too creamy to be a gel eye liner. It smudge like anything.

Water resistant..??


If by mistake you put a drop of water on it, the “GEL LINER” smudges very badly like some home made kajal mixed with ghee or oil… 😓

Above all it caused irritation in my eyes.

Final Verdict:

It is a very BIG disappointment for me.

Smudges, not water resistant at all, irritated my eyes 😓


Buy OR not..??


Home Remedy Mask by DearPacker

Review time..!!
DearPacker in a korean brand which collaborated with Nykaa and launched this special range of face masks that uses korean face mask technique for that beautiful flawless skin using our own home made ingredients 😊😊


Let’s see if it does what it says..??


Variant: Charcoal


Price: ₹100


Skin type: Oily Skin


To deep clean skin and protect skin against environmental stressors and unclog polluted pores.


Direction to use:

1. Apply the sheet mask on clean and toned face.

2. Leave on for 10-15 mins.

3. Remove the mask and lightly massage the remaining serum into face and neck to absorb.


Company claims:

Charcoal is good for oily skin and reduces a range of skin impurities also protects skin against environmental stressors and unclog polluted pores.

Black Bamboo Charcoal Sheet is an exclusive blend of bamboo charcoal and bamboo fibre, woven together to create a perfectly hygienic and naturally gentle for people with sensitivities and excessive sebum.

My Experience:

I applied it on my clean and toned face and leave it on for good 20 mins.

It smells like any other sheet mask only nothing special.

After 20 mins i removed the sheet (*it was still wet not completely dry) and gently patted the remaining serum on my face.


Yes it does make my skin feel more cleaner and made it soft also.


So as a first impression I quite like it..!!!


Buy or not to buy..??

It is a korean technique combined with Indian ingredients so you must try it 😊

Neemli Under eye nourishing serum

Review time..!!
Price: ₹650 for 9ml


Sweet almond oil, Evening primerose oil, Hazelnut oil, Sunflower oil, Fennel seed oil, Essential oils ( lavender, palm rosa), vitamin E.


Hydrates areas around eyes, combat puffiness around the eyes, and iver thine reduces dark circles.

Direction to use:

1. Use right before sleeping

2. Apply generous amount using the roller given under the eyes.

3. Massage with fingers until absorbed.

My experience with the product:

I have been using it for almost a month now. 

Firstly I would like to appreciate the packaging it is super convenient to apply and travel friendly also.

Fragrance is typical lavender fragrance which is very soothing and relaxing.

It does reduces puffiness under eyes after using it for almost a week.

Now after using it for good 25 days i can see reduction in dark circles also.

I kinda love this product 😊

Buy or Not..??

I have tried an under eye cream by Iraa which was also a good option and was a bit inexpensive than this one and did a great job, so would recommend to try that over this.

Else if you wanna try this only than go for it.

Its a good try..!!

PAC hd Liquid Foundation.

Hello beauties

Hope you all doing well .

My todays review is abou PAC HD Liquid Foundation.
I bought it last month and used it for 3-4 times so far, so here is a detailed review of it.

Price: ₹795 for 30ml of product

Coverage: medium to high (build able)

Consistency: not too thick not too runny medium consistently.

Shades: Available in 22 shades mine is 1.5

Company claims:

Our new revolutionary foundation ever created, available in 22 shades, this foundation is made for the everyday Indian woman who works nonstop! Our HD technology helps blur our imperfections and smoothens out the skin giving you a flawless base. It is made perfect for every skin type & lasts all day long! Apply one layer for medium coverage & layer on for a full coverage; this foundation is buildable without feeling heavy on your skin. Also, say goodbye to flashbacks!

It also claims to be:
Dermatologist tested;

Cruelty Free &

Contains no Parabens or Sulfates.


Outer package is a cylindrical carton the foundation comes in standard glass bottle with pump dispenser, with a lock system and a cap which makes it travel friendly.

My experience with PAC HD Liquid Foundation:

I have tried applying it using beauty blender as well as makeup brush.

What I felt was it works pretty good with brush when compared to beauty blender, as it gives more coverage with brush.

The product blends like magic, it gives medium coverage but can be built up with more than one layer.

It does not oxidises which is a very good thing.

Stays on my oily skin for good 5-6 hours without touch up which again is a good thing 😊

It gives dewy finish not completely matt.

Buy or not..??

Product quality is very good can be compared with many high end products.

If you are a makeup lover like me than you can give it a try but if you do makeup occasionally only than better go for maybelline fit me as it is more pocket friendly 😊

Tvakh activated charcoal oil control exfoliating facial scrub

Hello beauties

Today’s blog is about a very new and interesting product i came across recently when I got it in one of my monthly beauty subscription box.

It’s a activated charcoal oil control facial scrub by TVAKH.

Price: ₹425 for 100ml

Company claims:

Tvakh’s Oil Control Exfoliating scrub is designed with activated charcoal that effortlessly micro foliates dulling debris, excess sebum, and build-up of dead skin cells without damaging or drying the skin. This benefits as a mild sulfate free cleanser with enriching combination of Calendula, Amla, and Orange peel that exfoliates the skin deeply and leaves the skin smoother and brighter with every wash.

No Parabens, No GMO, No Phthalates, No Petroleum oils, No SLES/SLS


Aqua, Sodium Lauryl Sarcossinate, Acrylates Copolymer, Glycerin, Emblica officinalis (Amla) Fruit Extract, Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower Extract, Citrus Aurantium (Orange) peel extract, Berberis Aristata Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) oil, Water and Sodium Levulinate and Potassium Sorbate, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice, Agar Agar (Gelidium amansii) and Pectin and Activated Charcoal – Carbon Black, Niacinamide, Parfum. *As given on official site only.

How to use:

Take a pump and apply to a clean, and wet face and massage in circular motion for 15 seconds . Leave on for up to 25-30seconds. Rinse and gently pat dry.

My experience with the product:

I got a sample size of tvakh activated charcoal oil control facial scrub in my September month’s Myenvy Box .

The product looks brown in bottle but once you take it on your palm it is a clear gel with small black particles of activated charcoal.

The texture is very smooth. Charcoal particles are very fine so it doesn’t feel like a scrub really.

It smells pleasant more like coffee.

I love using it daily as its fine particles make it more of a face wash than scrub 😊

This activated charcoal facial scrub makes my skin feel clean, soft, and supple after every single wash.

It does not make my skin feel dry, is very gentle also.

Buy or not..??

If you are looking for a proper scrub than you should not buy it .

But …

if you want something that can clean up your skin and can be used daily than you must must try it out..!!!

Natures Van Underarms Whitening Scrub

✨Price: ₹250 .


1. Fuller earth 

2. Sodium bicarbonate 

3. Activated charcoal 

4. Sweet almond oil

5. Essential oils


Armpits detoxification that ensures the chemicals are removed from the skin. Regular use of this mask will help control odour, improve the texture of armpits and also make it brighter.

✨Company claims its product to be:

Cruelty free

Parabins free

SLS Free

✨How to use:

Add two spoon of scrub with 1tbsp of honey and small quantity of lime juice. Mix it well into a paste, apply on clean and pat dry armpits and leave it on for 10mins and after that wash it with plain water.

✨My experience with the product:

I got this in my September month’s Happy Hamper.

The product contains sodium bicarbonate so as soon as we add lime it forms bubbles which vanishes after some time.

This scrub smells more of like lime 🍋 , which is very refreshing.

After single application only you can see the visible difference.

I personally loved this product a lot.

✨Buy or not..??

I would highly recommend it to all those who are having issue of dark armpits.

Fuschia Detox Face Mask

Review time..!!

Hello beauties

Today i’ll review Fuschia Detox Face Mask which I got in my septmber month Happy Hamper.
Price: ₹450 for 100g

Skin Type: oily skin


1. Rose water

2. Kaolin light

3. China clay

4. Glycerin

5. Aloe vera

6. Bentonite powder

7. Charcoal powder

8. Clove oil

9. VitaminE

Properties: Anti-blemish, Anti-inflammatory

How to use:

Apply an even layer of mask on clean and toned face. Let it dry for good 20mins, and after that rinse with plain water.

My experience with the product:

It smells pleasant, texture is smooth and easy to apply.

I applied it on my face and let it dry for 20mins. It feels cool and relaxing with the mask on. After 20mins i washed my face with plain water.

My skin feels more clean and amooth, reduction in my visible whiteheads also. So, i liked the product so far.

Buy or not..??

Activated charcoal is really good for cleaning pores and for deep cleaning of our skin, and it do what it claims so, its a yaay…!!

You must give it a try.


You can get it from fuschia website mentioned on there instaa handle @fuschiavkare.


You can get it in your Happy Hamper which is a good deal according to me as you have to pay only ₹630 and get four other full sized product with it.

Use my code “HAPPYRITIKA10”