Fuschia Detox Face Mask

Review time..!!

Hello beauties

Today i’ll review Fuschia Detox Face Mask which I got in my septmber month Happy Hamper.
Price: ₹450 for 100g

Skin Type: oily skin


1. Rose water

2. Kaolin light

3. China clay

4. Glycerin

5. Aloe vera

6. Bentonite powder

7. Charcoal powder

8. Clove oil

9. VitaminE

Properties: Anti-blemish, Anti-inflammatory

How to use:

Apply an even layer of mask on clean and toned face. Let it dry for good 20mins, and after that rinse with plain water.

My experience with the product:

It smells pleasant, texture is smooth and easy to apply.

I applied it on my face and let it dry for 20mins. It feels cool and relaxing with the mask on. After 20mins i washed my face with plain water.

My skin feels more clean and amooth, reduction in my visible whiteheads also. So, i liked the product so far.

Buy or not..??

Activated charcoal is really good for cleaning pores and for deep cleaning of our skin, and it do what it claims so, its a yaay…!!

You must give it a try.


You can get it from fuschia website mentioned on there instaa handle @fuschiavkare.


You can get it in your Happy Hamper which is a good deal according to me as you have to pay only ₹630 and get four other full sized product with it.

Use my code “HAPPYRITIKA10”


The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm

My new found love..!!!This lip balm by @kronokare is now a must have for me and all the people out who always have chapped lips no matter what so ever they do for them.. 😞



The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm.


Price: ₹95 for 10ml



 it comes in a white and blue slant tip applicator package which is far far better than those tub packagings.



2. Shea butter

3. Vitamin E

4. Sunflower oil

5. Almond oil

6. Bees Wax.

Product claims:

Repairs damaged tissues and leave your lips looking morning-dew fresh. Silicon and parabeans free.

My experience: 

I have the most dry and capped lips in the world and by saying it i mean it 😖

Once you apply this lip balm it feels very cool on your lips, smells like peppermint or more correctly it smells like toothpaste 😋

Application is easy gives soothing effect, and actually norishes dry lips and repairs them from the very first use only.

I loved this product, it did wonders to me.

My new found love ❤️


Must buy.!!


Thanx @happyhamperindia For adding it in your box, and @kronokare For such a wonderful product.

Corn Exfoliating Face Mask by Nature’s Co.

Hello beauties

Hope you all are doing well. My today’s review is about another face mask by the nature’s co. Its a corn exfoliating face mask. I got this one in one of my favourite monthly subscription box ” The Happy Hamper “. So here is a quick and honest review of the face mask.

Price: ₹650

Skin type: All skin types


It comes in a very beautiful and steardy plastic package. The outer packaging have some corn fiber like thing which makes it really unique. The led is covered with a screwed plastic cover, so overall i am quite impressed with its packaging.

Product claims:

Product claims to be 100% natural and removes white heads and black heads.

My experience with the product:

I applied this on my cleaned and toned face. The consistancy is very thick so it is bit difficult to apply but at the same time it requires a small amout of product to apply so it will last really long. I applied it evenly on my face and let it dry for good 15-20 mins. It does not make my skin dry at all while it dried out completely. After that i took some water and with the help of fingers scrubed it gently over face for a minute or two and after that rinsed it with plain water. 

After results really amazed me..!!

I can hardly see any white heads or black heads near my nose area. It does magic to my skin, it gave a nice and beautiful glow to my face.

The product smells like some earthy thing but smell is very mild. 

Its my new found love.. ❤️

Buy or not..??

If you have to go to a party on a very short notice and don’t have time to pamper yourself at parlour than it will be your BAE..!! 

Must must must buy.

Soultree Ayurvedic Lipcare

Hello beauties

Hope you all are doing well. My today’s review is about an ayurvedic lipstick by the brand soultree. I received it in my august month’s My Envy Box. (Shade i received is 820 deep blush )

Price: ₹550 for 4.5gms

Company claims:

Soultree claims its aurvedic lipstick to be colour rich and contains ayurvedic sweet almond oil and essence oil. They claims there product to be petroleum free. Lead free, 100%vegetarian, and caramine free.


Comes in a regular carton box. Inner packaging is also not fancy it is a simple silver colored retractable packaging.

My experience with the soultree lipstick:

It smells like roses. Colour is very beautiful but when we talk about pigmentation it is not that high, to get even sheer colour on your lips you have to swipe it a number of times.

Payoff is also not good, transfers alot, smudges very easily.
Buy or not..??

 It is an ayurvedic product petroleum free, lead free, vegetarian, caramine free, amd all the good things about it but, ₹550 for this quality product is a bit on a higher side. I will think twice before investing on something like this.

Zaria Skin Brightening Serum By Elixir Shop

Hello beauties

Hope you all are doing well. Today’s review is about The Elixir Shop’s Zaria Skin Brightening Serum. I received a 5ml variant of it in my august month’s My Envy Box, and now after using it for 10-11 days here is an honest review about it.


  1. ₹550 for 5ml
  2. ₹1000 for 15ml
  3. ₹1800 for 30ml

Skin type: All skin types

Company claims:

Company claims that this serum produced with Lavender and Rosemary blended in our signature formulation, goes deep into the inner layers of the skin and brings out a beautiful youthful radiance. It starts by lightening the dark spots and blemishes, and evening out your skin tone. Zaria leaves the skin feeling healthy and glowing.


Serum comes in a very basic brown colored glass bottle with a dropper as dispenser so, nothing fancy about packaging. Since it comes in a glass bottle so it is not travel friendly at all.

How to use: 

Apply 4-5drops on a clean face in night , massage gently and let it do its work overnight on your face.

My experience with the product:

This product smells more of rosemery. Texture is not very oils and heavy. It gets absorbed real quickly leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. 

The serum works exactly the same way it claims to be. I could see visible  reduction in my pimples after using it for just 2days only, and after using it for 4-5 days regularly i was amazed to see a noticeable reduction in my acne scars. Hopefully it will help in giving me a perfect even tone skin. So far i love this product very much.

Buy or not..??

It comes in three different sizes so you can try 5ml variant and see the magic it do on your skin.

Iraa Instarenew Multiaction Under Eye Cream

Hello beauties

Hope you all are doing well. My today’s review is about Iraa Instarenew Multiaction Under Eye Cream. I got this in my ” My Envy Box ” for the month of august, and now i have been using it for good 10-11 days so, here is an honest review about it.

Price: ₹495 for 100ml

Skin type: All skin type

Product claims:

Product claims to give visible reduction in wrinkles, dark spots, and puffiness. 


Its packaging is very good, it comes with a thin nozel tube which makes it easy to apply cream in a controlled manner.

About the product:

Company claims it product to be a perfect blend of exotic algae, grapeseeds, and cucumber. Texture is very light weight, quikcly absorbable, and easily blendable. Cream is fragrance free so its good for people with sensitive nose.

My experience with the product:

I have used this product for more than a week now and yes i could see a visible result now on the dark circles under my eyes. Initially there was no differance but while using it regularly for more than 10days i could figure out the noticeable differance. 

How to use:

I use to apply it under my eyes in the night and massage it lightely with fingures and let it do its work overnight, and it did what it is meant to do. So, i personally liked this cream alot.

Buy or not..??

If you are looking for some affordable yet really effective under eye cream than you must give it a try once.

My Envybox August Month

Hello beauties

Today i will review my envybox for the month of august. I received it a few days back and wanted to test all the products so i could give a mini review about them also.

Price: ₹850/ month.

About the box:

It is a beauty subscription box where you get a total of 4-5 products every month that could be sample size or full size. These products are a mix of premium, high end, and drugstore brands which is a good thing, as you get to try out products before spending a huge amount on a full sized product and regreting sometimes.

August months box:

This months box itself is very beautiful. It is lavendar colour magnet closure box and contain total of 5 products, 3 full sized products and two sample sized, which is a great thing. 😊😊😊

Products received:

  1. Iraa instarenew multi action under eye cream ( full size ) – ₹490
  2. Seer secrets tranquility facial mist ( full size) – ₹295
  3. Soul tree aurvedic lipcare ( full size ) – ₹550
  4. The elixir shop skin brightening serum ( sample size ) – ₹550
  5. Nyasa divine lotus body lotion ( sample size )-₹105

So the total worth of products received is ₹2000 and we have to pay ₹850 only for that, which according to me is a steal deal.

For detailed review about these products wait for my next post.

Buy or not..??

I will recommend to give it a try once as it is total worth the money.

Bio Bloom Hair Cleanser

Hello beauties

Here is an another review of a product from august month glam ego box, Bio Bloom Hair Cleanser.

Price: INR399 for 100 ml


  • Brahmi extracts
  • Hibiscus extracts
  • Citrus fruit derived
  • Amla extracts
  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Essential oils

Directions to use: 

Massage into wet hair to form a foaming lather, then rinse thoroughly with water.

Product claims:

Free from parabeans, formaldehyde, sulphates, and petrochemicals.

It is enriched with Brahmi, Hibiscus, and Amla ectracts which help in providing nourishment to weak hair.

My experience with product:

I used it once only and it neiter cleaned my hair properly nor nourished. It left my hair more dry and frizzy 😩


  1. Parabeans free
  2. Petrochemical free
  3. Sulphate free
  4. Contains Brahmi, Amla, and Hibiscus extracts.


  1. Does not cleans oily hair properly
  2. Dries out hair
  3. Does not even a single thing it claims
  4. Smells like shaving cream

Buy or not..??

I will not recommend this hair cleanser at all. Its a big noooo 👎🏻👎🏻

Neemli Naturals Activated Charcoal Face Mask

Hello beauties

Today i’ll review Activated Charcoal Face Mask by Neemli Naturals, i got one in my august month Glamego box.

Price: INR550 for 75gms

Skin type: Combinational to oily.


  1. Activated Charcoal
  2. Fuller’s earth
  3. Kaolin clay
  4. French pink clay

Product claims:

100% natural and chemical free. It not only calms irritated skin, but also clears up clogged pores, whisks away dead cells and impurities.

Directions for use:

Mix 1tbsp of mask with 1-1.5tbsp of either water or milk or floral water. Apply evenly on washed face and let it dry for 10-15 mins. After rinse with water.

My experience with product:

It is the first time i used activated charcoal face mask and yes i could see the differance from first use only. It leaves my skin both look and feels clean comparetively. It also gives mattifying effect. No breakouts due to this mask so happy for that. Overall my experience was pretty good.


  • 100% natural
  • Chemical free
  • All natural ingredients
  • Does what it claims


  • Only con according to me is pricing

Buy or not..??

Its a big yess, go for it..!!

Glamego Box August Month

Hello beauties
Glamego box is the most affordable and no.1 beauty subscription box available in India.

Subscription plans:

  1. For 1month: INR 399
  2. For 3months: INR320
  3. For 6months: INR299
  4. For 1year: INR280

Every month you get 4 skincare or makeup products out of which 3 are full sized product and 1 is a deluxe sized sample product.

August month box :

Box was packed in a white plastic bag no bubble wrapping, so are the products. So packaging was not up to the mark this month. 👎🏻

Products in August month box:

  1. Neemli naturals activated charcoal face mask: INR550
  2. Bio bloom hair cleanser: INR399
  3. Inveda BB cream: INR150
  4. Natures co vanilla hand cream: INR550 (deluxe sized sample)
  5. Discount coupone of INR499 for natures co.

Overall products cost is 1650+499.
Will review every product separately in my next posts so stay tuned for that.

Link to my unboxing video:

Buy or not..??
The products we get at such an amazing price makes worth trying this box.