Innisfree: Capsule Recipe Mask ( Red Kiwi )

Hello beauties

Today i will review one of the Innisfree’s capsule recipe series mask. I recently bought three masks from the capsule recipe range Bija and Aloe, Red Kiwi, and Volcanic clay. Today’s review is about Red Kiwi one.

Price: INR 150

Skin type: Dry to Normal

Product Description:

Innisfree is a leading Korean brand, claims to use all the organic things in there products. These capsule recipe masks come in two categories.

  1. Wash off pack
  2. Sleeping pack

Wash off packs as the name says have to be washed after application and sleeping masks are meant to be leave on.

Some of the skin benefits of kiwi:

  1. Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C and has natural antioxidants
  2. Controls sebum production
  3. Smooth skin
  4. Prevention of pimples/acne
  5. Exfoliation
  6. Skin lightening and many more

These masks contain real kiwi seeds that helps in exfoliation.

My experience with the product:

U need to apply this pack on clean face. So i applied it on my cleaned face massaged it for good 5 mins and leave it on face for about 10 mins and after that i washed it. After effects are quite noticeable, it left my skin soft, smooth and hydrated. Kiwi seeds in it helps in exfoliating skin gently. Its cream texture makes it easy to massage.


  • Small packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Natural ingredients
  • Can be used 2-3 times
  • Instant effect


  • Pretty expensive for the quatity it gives
  • Effects are not long lasting
  • Smells pathetic 

Buy or not..??

I will not buy it again for sure, not sure how it will work for others.


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